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sys() 函數

這是一個雜項函數,多半與系統調校有關係. 功能相當可觀.

傳入參數 會回傳的訊息
SYS(0) Network machine information
SYS(1) Julian system date
SYS(2) Seconds since midnight
SYS(3) 合法的檔名,多半用來產生不重複的檔名
SYS(5) Default drive or volume
SYS(6) 目前印表裝置
SYS(7) Current format file
SYS(9) Visual FoxPro 的序號
SYS(10) String from Julian day number
SYS(11) Julian day number
SYS(12) Available memory in bytes
SYS(13) 印表機狀態
SYS(14) Index expression
SYS(15) Character translation
SYS(16) Executing program file name
SYS(17) Processor in use
SYS(18) Current control
SYS(20) Transform German text
SYS(21) Controlling index number
SYS(22) Controlling tag or index name
SYS(23) FoxPro EMS memory usage
SYS(24) EMS memory limit
SYS(100) Console setting. Included for backward compatibility. Use SET("CONSOLE") instead.
SYS(101) Device setting. Included for backward compatibility. Use SET("DEVICE") instead.
SYS(102) Printer setting. Included for backward compatibility. Use SET("PRINTER") instead.
SYS(103) Talk setting. Included for backward compatibility. Use SET("TALK") instead.
SYS(602) Bitmap Configuration
SYS(1001) Visual FoxPro memory
SYS(1011) Number of Memory Handles
SYS(1016) User object memory use
SYS(1023) Enable Help diagnostic mode.
SYS(1024) Disable Help diagnostic mode
SYS(1037) Page Setup Dialog Box
SYS(1104) Purge Cached Memory
SYS(1269) Property Information
SYS(1270) Object Location
SYS(1271) Object's .SCX File
SYS(1272) Object Hierarchy
SYS(1500) Activate a menu item
SYS(2000) File name wildcard match
SYS(2001) SET command status
SYS(2002) Turn insertion point on or off
SYS(2003) Current directory
SYS(2004) Visual FoxPro start directory
SYS(2005) Current resource file
SYS(2006) Current graphics card
SYS(2007) Checksum value
SYS(2010) CONFIG.SYS file settings
SYS(2011) Current lock status
SYS(2012) Memo field block size
SYS(2013) System menu name string
SYS(2014) Minimum path
SYS(2015) Unique procedure name
SYS(2017) Checksum value based on the current record in the current work area
SYS(2018) Error message parameter
SYS(2019) Configuration file name and location
SYS(2020) Default disk size
SYS(2021) Filtered index expression
SYS(2022) Disk cluster (block) size
SYS(2023) Temporary Path
SYS(2029) Table type
SYS(2030) Debug
SYS(2040) Detect Report Status
SYS(2060) Mouse wheel event handling setting
SYS(2300) Add or Remove Code Page
SYS(2333) ActiveX Dual Interface Support
SYS(2334) Automation Server Invocation Mode
SYS(2335) Unattended Server Mode
SYS(2336) Critical Section Support
SYS(2339) Call CoFreeUnusedLibraries when COM object is released
SYS(2340) NT Service Support
SYS(2410) Error handler type for an error
SYS(2450) Application Search Path Order
SYS(2600) Return Pointer As String
SYS(2700) Enables Windows XP Themes
SYS(2800) Accessibility Support
SYS(2801) Event Tracking Support
SYS(3004) Return Locale ID
SYS(3005) Set Locale ID
SYS(3006) Set Language and Locale IDs
SYS(3050) Set Buffer Memory Size
SYS(3051) Set Lock Retry Interval
SYS(3052) Override SET REPROCESS Locking
SYS(3053) ODBC Environment Handle
SYS(3054) Rushmore Query Optimization Level
SYS(3055) FOR and WHERE Clause Complexity
SYS(3056) Read Registry Settings
SYS(3095) IDispatch Pointer
SYS(3096) IDispatch Object Reference
SYS(3097) Add Reference to Object
SYS(3098) Release Object Reference
SYS(3099) SQL Data Engine Compatibility Mode