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There are two items you need in order to run IBReplicator:

  1. The Replication Manager (latest), which runs on any Windows platform.
  2. The Replication Server, which is different for each Operating System.

The Windows Replication Server and Manager installation contains the Replication Manager executable, as well as all help files and documentation. The Replication Server is available for 3 different platforms:

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Linux on X86
  • Solaris V2.5/6, 7 or 8

You will need to install an Evaluation License (see readme.txt) in order to evaluate the product, and you will then need to buy licenses in order to enable the product for a production environment.

Please download the latest Replication Server and Manager for Windows, and then the Server of your choice (if you are using a platform other than Windows for replication). Each server is available in two builds, one for InterBase V5.x only, and one for InterBase V6.x, V7.x and Firebird V1.x. These builds will also replicate from/to InterBase V5.x and other InterBase V6.x,V7.x/Firebird V1.x databases.