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Firebird/Interbase services API wrapper class

Using this class, is easy for a developer to include maintenance (backup/restore) tasks for Firebird or Interbase databases directly in applications. 
Also has methods for starting database validation or repair tasks, retrieve database statistics or server log, shutdown database for exclusive access, users management, creating empty database on server, set various database properties, and others. 
All these from programs, there is no need to start command line tools, external managers or COM objects. 

If needed, the class can be compiled as a DLL and used as external COM object. 

I've designed a sample form that has objects having class instance properties as ControlSource. 

Tested with Firebird 1.0.3 and Firebird 1.5. It also should work with Interbase because I used API documentation from 
open source Interbase 6.0. All API functions calls and descriptions are from there. 

Firebird is an lightweight but robust database server, based on Interbase code. We use it successfuly in our company and I hadn't any troubles with it. It only needs few MBs space and memory to run properly. The client DLL used by this class (and by ODBC driver) is only 300+ kb 

Although is not as advanced as SQL Server or MSDE (except transaction support and more flexible trigger support), it has its advantages (absolutely free, no MSDE like limitations, run on various platforms, free tools, UDF libraries and drivers). 

Any comments or suggestions welcome